Innovative Leave Management Software

Extensive Configurability

ArkssHR’s leave Management solution offers great configurability & flexibility to meet your company requirements of defining leave policy and specified approval workflows.

Transparent approval system

With our system, you can provide your employees with a transparent leave approval system where they can easily track the status of their applications being approved or rejected along with the notification by mail

Avoid policy infringement

Our system will help you to build guidelines & criteria by which you can manage and automate all your leave approval process in your company and get notified whenever a policy gets breached by anyone.

Leave policy

Define leave type

Establishing a leave policy in our system as per your company for providing leaves to employees according to their grade, department, time of year, deduction schemes and lots of other configurable variables.


Configurable policy

ArkssHR automates operational tasks, from time off management to onboarding and recruiting, so you’ll have more time for the work you were meant to do.



Configure Workflow

Enhance your leave application process to work with multi-level work-flow hierarchy & clearly define an approval map for carrying out unbiased process.



System will automatically remind approving authority for any pending application to be approved by informing them through a mail.


Apply for leave

Leave request

Employees can send a leave application to their higher authorities through our system as per the criteria and company policy they are falling in.


Auto leave approval

Configure criteria of auto approving leaves for employees who are applying leave for company’s work like business travelling.


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