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When it comes to performance and promotion, it is important to consider employee results. And you can monitor and regulate the performance of employees.

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1. Before you get started

Another customer would likely have the answer if you have a question about ArkssHR. Clients can visit the ArkssHR group for questions, new features and fixes and updates information.

2. Versatile hosting plans and pricing

Our payroll solution is designed to be reliable, meets any organisation’s payroll requirements. It manages to provide an outstanding experience by including features that allow your employees to perform better than before. With cloud support, a dedicated mobile application, Compliance Management, etc, provides you with better management and best results.

3. Compatibility with premium plugins

The software solution for payroll management helps organisations to execute their payroll activities effectively on budget without lack of time restrictions.

4. Install theme demo contents

With all payroll related activities automated, the software solution also produces the final report on the progress of the employee and the compliance activities.

5. Layout and design options

The payroll management processes are complicated and need complete attention. You can rely on great results by automating these tasks.

6. Translation and localization services

Relieve from the worries of managing payroll compliances, as payroll software enables easier management facilities and offers excellent services.

7. Connecting social media channels

Encourage the employees, with outstanding software and app solutions, to work harder and to help them more effectively.

8. Optimize theme speed & performance

you will know your business and recommend how you can make the most of your investments from your designated Customer Success Manager.

9. Live chat support

Our worldwide experts are here, 24/7. By your satisfaction, we determine success not how many cases we have closed

10. Developer documentation

When it comes to performance and promotion, it is important to consider employee results. And you can monitor and regulate the performance of employees.

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