Efficiently Manage all the Human Resource Task of your Organization

Customisable Policy

ArkssHR brings you configurable policy for your payroll, attendance, leave and other HR modules by which our HRIS system will best suit your organization’s hierarchical workflow.

Time & Cost Saver

ArkssHR saves the time of your HR personnel which can be utilized for a more critical task like hiring and payroll management. Our HRIS is simplified and can be easily handled by one HR which will reduce your cost of hiring more HR personnel.

Wide Device Support

You can enjoy ArkssHR's services on mobile & web applications which enhances the accessibility of our system.

Centralized HR Data

Save time and money with HR automation

ArkssHR automates operational tasks, from time off management to onboarding and recruiting, so you’ll have more time for the work you were meant to do.

24X7 Availability

ArkssHR’s centralized data management provides accessibility around the clock and anywhere. It is secure as the company can specify the access level to restrict unauthorized access


The data and documents are stored digitally and in an encrypted format in the system by which the risk of theft or loss is reduced and thus making it more secure.

Easy Management

Centrally view and update all employees policy from one place according to their designation or department.

Attendance Management

Online Attendance

ArkssHR featuring online attendance to easily mark the presence of employees who are traveling for counting their working hours. Your workforce is allowed to punch through a mobile application or web application.

Attendance Policy

Create and implement individual configurable payroll policy with respect to department & employees.

Attendance Application

Send an application for correcting your attendance along with an attached document to back up your reason and authenticate your correction. You can also track the current status of your application to know it is been rejected or accepted.

Attendance Regularization

Employees can make an application to correct their attendance or any timing which is misinterpreted by the system through attendance regularization.

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