Digital Solutions

The system allows employees to post their leaves requests and can be viewed and accepted by the employer.

Work Automation

ArkssHR assures that the organization will be able to automate the leave approval process with a centralized leave management system.

Testing & Support

ArkssHR allows you to simplify and assist the management of leave with competence.

Database Management
Storing data ethically
Data Security
Reporting and Summaries
Automated data Migration

Secure and Scalable

Our cloud-based leave management system is reliable, scalable and is easy to set up. Employees can access their current leave balances and apply online for leave

  • Save time
  • Transparent Workflow

  • Secure and Scalable
  • Consistency

    The calendar shows all organization holidays. Employees/users can submit leave applications. When managers log in, they can see requests and notifications for leave pending.

    • Increases Efficiency of Employees
    • Helpful and accessible to all employees.

  • Consistency
  • Analytics

    Improves the productivity and performance of managers and staff while reducing time spent pushing paper and tracking managers.

    • Track the total no. of leaves.
    • Simplifies workflow of leave management
    • Eliminate paperwork and saves time

  • Analytics
    • Integrations

      To automatically sync accurate employee time management details for payroll and invoice, connect with your favourite payroll software. In addition, robust reporting options allow data-driven decisions to save you time and money.

      Team Management

      Keep your teams updated about robust projects and geofencing technologies. See at a glance the status of all your projects. Schedule geofence boundaries to remind employees to clock in and out automatically.

      All Data in your cloud

      The ArkssHR cloud system records and stores all employees punches instantly. Track vacation and sick time accruals for employees, view and accept time cards and time-off requests in real time.

      Labor reports

      The ArkssHR cloud systems provide organizations with accurate information on the working hours of their employees and data on wages and schedules. Get useful business insight with interactive reports in real time.

      Talent retention

      Extract insights into the turnover of employees and identify who might just leave the organization and take proactive measures to prevent it. The HR databases are used to store your employee’s personal details.

      Ethical storage of data

      It is essential that HR kept records safely and shared only with relevant people. Make sure the process does not lose any data. Team leaders will also have access to the client details.

      ArkssHR can contribute to your success in a variety of ways.

      Employee Satisfaction


      On time tracking


      Save Time & Money


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      ArkssHR is a fully packed tool with unique features